Double Chrysoprase Fine Silver Infiniti Ring

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Double Chrysoprase Fine Silver Infiniti Ring

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  • Chrysoprase is a green colored gemstone variety of chalcedony.
  • Promotes truth, love, hope, fidelity, joy, forgiveness
  • Color gradient depends on the quantity of nickel within each gemstone
  • Emotional healing: promotes the acceptance and healing of body cells
  • Physical benefit: helps promotes restful and peaceful sleep; said to aid in hormone balance
  • The word chrysoprase comes from the Greek “chrys,” meaning 'gold or yellow' and “prase,” meaning 'green'.
  • Attracts prosperity, abundance, mental clarity, love and enhances your intuition, allowing one to be truly centered.
  • It is also said that chrysoprase has the ability to attract new love as it helps in mending a broken heart by aiding the wearer with his or her new self-esteem.
  • Chrysoprase is also said to bring a general emotional balance.

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