Color: Variety of colors but common colors are red, yellow, orange, white.

Physical aspects: 

  • The longer the gemstone is placed in the sunlight or moonlight, the stronger their energy increases; 
  • Druzies recharge other druzies;
  • High sparkle, iridescent, beautiful color.

Spiritual healing:

  • It can help one to connect on all levels to their particular higher power;
  • Said to promote the healing process of the body’s natural processes and strengthen one’s spirit;
  • Great for harmonizing a group of people toward a specific aim, creates harmony.

Physical benefits:

  • Helps one to relax and bring out creativity;
  • Wearing Druzy gemstones is believed to promote relaxation and stress relief, aid in fighting stress and depression;
  • Said to strengthen the immune system and purify the reproductive system as well as help ;
  • Generates focus for the mind and calms emotional challenges.

 Unique facts:

  • Known as a floater cluster;
  • Druzy crystals grow over other crystals to create clusters; 
  • High hardness & durable stones when treated gently.

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